Walking In LA - Los Angeles Film Noir

Film Noir, the classic Hollywood stylized films from the 1940’s and 1950’s gave us many films including mysteries and crime dramas. Originally, the style was referred to as melodramas until officially coined the term Film Noir in the 1970’s. The style itself came from German Expressionist cinematography that used a certain style of lighting with overall darkness thematically to the movies. Originally black and white pictures, eventually the style did move to color, and continues to influence film making today. Our story picks up with our favorite detective looking for clues. Take a Walk in LA where nobody walks in LA. Exploring Los Angeles and the world from a unique point of view, the sites, places, food, fun stuff, architecture, and real estate. And remember the only rule, is that the 1 rule there is will always be broken. I may not always be in LA.

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