Rising Rates and Home Prices TNT

The Federal Reserve has announced the end of its Quantitative Easing program. While this is the end of its buying Treasuries, it is also the end of purchasing MBS or Mortgage Backed Securities. This will cause interest rates to rise. In this episode of TNT, we are going to look at the effects on housing prices, the factors associated with it, and where prices are going. Opening Remarks 0:00 Home Affordability 3:35 Mortgage Rates 5:09 Home Prices vs Rising Rates 6:12 Sticky Prices 6:49 Time and Supply 10:04 Bargin Hunting 11:26 For those who are interested in investing in real estate or a consultation about your circumstances, please click this link and fill out the form. https://www.dennismaynard.com/investors/register/

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