INFLATION is coming! Run for your lives! Or maybe we talk about it. In this TNT we are going to give you a basic understanding of Inflation, the different types of inflation, the current status of inflation, and what you can do about it. This is an in depth look at inflation and how to diversify to protect yourself.  LINKS TO JUMP AHEAD BELOW.

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Links to jump ahead to subjects: Inflation and Stagflation. 01:06

Hyperinflation and Deflation. 03:37

The Inflation Tax. 08:12

Economic Principle #9 10:08

Effects of Inflation. 13:03

Current Inflation Prices. 15:19

Hidden Fuel Tax and Gas Tax. 16:17

Home Price Appreciation. 19:17

Current Inflation and Monetary Supply. 21:22

What do you do? Inflation Hedges. 29:20

Recommended Reading:

The Wealth of Nations - Adam Smith.

Capitalism and Freedom - Milton Friedman.

Principles: Life and Work - Ray Dalio.

Principles of Macroeconomics - Mankiw.

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