Halloween Houses and Movie Locations

We are celebrating Halloween and checking out all the wonderful decorations on everyone’s houses on this Walking in LA. Some of these are like a trip to Disneyland. I will be posting links to some of the lists of homes that I visited, they will be going through Halloween. For the ones I have permission, I am posting addresses to as well. There is also a list to the Curbed LA article for Hollywood Film locations around Halloween. https://la.curbed.com/maps/halloween-carrie-scream-filming-locations http://www.socalhauntlist.com/sanfernandovalley.html Here are the times to jump ahead if you want. 5534 Cartwright Ave, North Hollywood 0:00 Moorpark Ave, Toluca Lake. 0:29 Clybourn Manor, Toluca Lake 1:27 Creepy Doll House, Toluca Lake 2:07 Rotten Apples, Burbank 2:27 Beetlejuice, Sherman Oaks 3:06 Circus of Nightmares, Burbank 3:27 Navajo Ave, Toluca Lake 3:49 Mariota Ave, Toluca Lake 4:19 Holiday Fantasies Come To Life, Burbank 4:44 Pumpkin House, Toluca Lake 5:10 The Ring 5:40 HALLOWEEN 6:01 Nightmare on Elm St 6:45 Nightmare on Elm St Boiler Room 7:04 Poltergeist 7:41 Poltergeist 2 8:05 ET 8:26 ET Park 9:22 @lilley_Hall_toluca_lake @clybournmanor @circus_of_nightmares

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