#1 Lesson From 2022

2022 was marked with high inflation, government spending, record price changes, and more. What was the #1 Lesson I took away from 2022?

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“Prepare for the unknown by studying how others in the past have coped with the unforeseeable and the unpredictable.” 

George S. Patton

What was predictable and unpredictable? That is the fun part of couch quarterbacking in 2023. Over the past 2 years, it feels like everything that could have happened did. But the one lesson we can apply is that history repeats itself. It just may look and feel different. There are striking similarities between the 1970’s and the past few years. Ironically, some of this is self made such as the current energy crisis vs the oil embargo. Or inflation vs well inflation, both caused by massive government spending and supply chain crisis. When we consider the pandemic, one could look to the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 and that tumultuous period. 

In a recent debate with friends, it became clear to me the failure of others to read and learn. Not only in recent history and challenging ourselves with new thoughts, but also challenging our sources of information, the pervasive dogma and ideology of present thinking, and the failure to review and consider alternate sources of information. Or worse, the failure to question our preferred leaders, meaning the people you actually vote for. 

On March 14th, 2020, I was rather inebriated while sitting in a bar in Dublin. I was dismayed at the worlds shutting down and ruining my vacation. But more than this, I was gravely concerned with people locking themselves away and listening to the mainstream news, 24 hours a day and the harm it would cause. I posted this on social media. Not much response. I don’t think I was wrong.

The number 1 lesson from 2022; history will repeat itself unless we learn from it. And not knowing is not an excuse when we have more knowledge than ever before available to us.

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